Resources to Support a Literacy Rich Home Environment

General Information

  1. Turn the Page-Resources for Families (tutoring, classes, etc.) in the St Louis area – VISIT THE SITE

  2. Trailer for the Right to Read documentary – VISIT THE SITE

  3. NEA  – Read Across America  |  Learn how and why to make room for books and reading together at home with these resources – VISIT THE SITE

  4. St Louis Public LibraryVISIT THE SITE 

  5. A community summer reading and exploration program powered by St. Louis County Library and St. Louis Public Library.VISIT THE SITE 

  6. Saint Louis University has proudly partnered with the Institute of Reading DevelopmentVISIT THE SITE

Younger Readers Information

  1. Raising Readers.  Start Early and Practice Often – DOWNLOAD THE RESOURCE

  2. Raising Readers-20 tips on what parents can do – VISIT THE SITE

  3. Splash Learn, Phonics Games for Kids and More – VIST THE SITE

  4. Videos that model how families can work with their children on specific skills – VISIT THE SITE

  5. Receive free books for children under the age of five – VISIT THE SITE

Older Reader information

  1. Tips on Developing Reader at every age – DOWNLOAD THE RESOURCE

  2. Book lists by theme for all ages – VISIT THE SITE

  3. Are you concerned that your child has problems with reading?