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Missouri Get the Lead Out

In 2022, the Missouri legislature passed the Get the Lead out of School Drinking Water Act (RSMo 160.077), which sets standards for lead concentrations in school drinking water. The law requires schools to conduct inventory, sampling, remediation, and monitoring at all potable drinking water outlets used or potentially used for drinking, food preparation, cooking, or cleaning utensils. The deadline under the law is August 2024.

The Biome School has begun testing each possible drinking and food preparation source in our schools and buildings. Samples will be tested to determine if the lead concentration in the water is above the required action level of five parts per billion (5 ppb), which is equal to 5 milligrams per liter. The 5 ppb level required by the state is below the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) recommended action level of 15 ppb.

The district tested all of the water outlets (drinking and non-drinking) at our Main building at 4471 Olive St. and the Annex Building at  4481 Olive Street in April 20204.  In total, 534 water outlets were tested, and six (6) non-drinking outlets in the Annex Building tested higher than the new state-determined action level. None of the six (6) water sources with elevated readings involved drinking fountains.  The affected non-drinking water outlets will be turned off as they are not currently used for school operations.   Please see the complete report from Blackstone Environmental Inc.

At The Biome School Main Building, 100% of the non-drinking and drinking water outlets are compliant.

At The Biome School Main Building, 100% of the drinking water outlets are compliant.

Of the samples collected, 6 exceeded the Missouri SB681 Action Level for lead of 5 ppb as shown in the table below.