The Biome is a tuition-free public charter school created and operated to fill the diverse educational needs of families not otherwise served by traditional schools.


What are The Biome’s Enrollment Boundaries?2024-02-01T18:26:33+00:00

The Biome’s enrollment boundaries are within the Saint Louis City limits.  Missouri Revised Statues determine the boundary restriction limits for enrollment.  APPLY TODAY!

Does The Biome or any charter public school select their students?2020-10-22T04:00:50+00:00

The Biome is open to students living within Saint Louis City limits. When enrollment demand exceeds open seats, we hold a randomized, blind lottery to determine which students are admitted.  The Biome and other charter public schools do not use selective criteria or entrance exams for student enrollment.

Does The Biome provide transportation?2020-10-22T04:57:04+00:00

Due to prohibitive cost, The Biome does not provide transportation.

When are pre-enrollment applications due?2024-02-01T18:31:40+00:00

Please check our enrollment page for enrollment periods. You may apply online, request a pre-enrollment application by mail, or visit The Biome in person to complete or obtain a hardcopy pre-enrollment application.

What is a public charter school?2020-10-21T19:26:43+00:00

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools operating under an independent contract or “charter” with an authorizing agency—typically a non-profit organization, government agency or university. The charter provides the school with operational autonomy to pursue specific educational objectives regarding curriculum, staff, and budget. It also holds them accountable to the same (often higher) standards of their district public school peers.

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

How are charter public schools accountable?2020-10-21T19:31:19+00:00
Charter public schools are held accountable in many of the same ways traditional public schools are held accountable. As a different public school model, however, there are accountability mechanisms unique to charter public schools.

A charter public school must have a sponsor in order to open and continue operating (in Missouri, sponsors are typically colleges and universities). A Missouri charter school is accountable to its sponsor for specific academic and non-academic outcomes outlined in the school “charter” (or contract). Charter schools are also accountable to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and are subject to the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Charter public schools can be (and have been) closed by their sponsors for failing to meet their contractual obligations. Most significantly, however, charter public schools are accountable to the students and families attending them. If charter public schools are not delivering value to the families enrolling in them, they will close regardless of performance or promises.
Missouri Charter Public School Association
Do public charter schools charge tuition?2023-11-07T16:13:50+00:00

No, charter schools are tuition-free, public schools.

How does The Biome meet its funding needs?2023-11-07T16:10:37+00:00

Public charter schools like The Biome depend on individual donors, corporate and private grants, and fundraising events to meet funding needs.  Fundraising helps support students with disabilities, art, music, and STEM programs, and facility costs.

What are The Biome school hours of operation?2024-06-21T16:55:10+00:00

School Day

  • Morning Drop-off:  7:40 – 8:00 AM, Mon. – Fri.
  • School Day:  8:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Mon. – Fri.

Out-of-School Services

  • Before Care: 6:30 AM – 7:40 AM, Mon. – Fri.
  •  After Care: 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM, Mon. – Fri.
Is after-school and before-school care available?2023-11-07T16:12:48+00:00

During our Extended Day Program, students experience coordinated after-school services designed to help working parents. Please visit our Extended Day Page to obtain the enrollment applications for before and aftercare.

What grades does The Biome offer?2020-10-22T05:25:56+00:00

The Biome provides a compelling academic program for children in grade kindergarten through grade five (K-5).

Why choose The Biome?2023-11-07T16:03:07+00:00

There are so many reasons to choose The Biome! Please visit our Enrollment Page to learn more from parents and students.

Are there opportunities for parent involvement?2020-10-22T05:35:52+00:00

The Biome has a great sense of community with multiple ways for parents to get involved.

What is a typical class size at The Biome?2020-10-22T05:39:39+00:00

Our class sizes range from fifteen (15) to twenty (20) learners.

What is The Biome’s uniform policy?2020-10-22T16:06:11+00:00

All students from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade 8 are required to wear The Biome School Uniform.  Learn more by visiting our uniform webpage.

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