The Biome School Intermediate Program supports learners on their academic excellence and leadership journey.

The Biome School Intermediate Program focuses on inquiry and builds mastery of learning on the solid academic foundation laid in our Primary Program.  Promotion to the Intermediate Program (3rd Grade) is a milestone in the academic career of our learners.  Intermediate Program placement only occurs when learners have demonstrated the required mastery that will lead to success in the Intermediate Program and beyond.  In addition to the increased rigor and focus on academic growth, learners build deeper connections to their community and actively practice leadership skills.

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More than a school, The Biome is an ecosystem where classroom leaders, parents, and community members work together to empower students with the tools they need to reach their fullest potential.  Using researched and evidence-based practices, The Biome offers a model for integrating individualized learning and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education.  We understand the importance of the early school-aged years in laying the foundation for ongoing well-being and academic achievement.  Our model’s three elements create a unique educational experience for each learner.


The Biome offers a safe environment, encouraging children to take academic risks.  At The Biome, inquiry-based learning is not applied to science alone but to every subject within our STEAM school.  Classroom leaders guide learners through problem-based and student-centered learning activities designed to help them deepen their knowledge and bring personal ideas and concepts to their educational experience.  Through the repetitive process of inquiry, children learn what to ask, conduct investigations and think critically.

Learners at The Biome:
  • take the initiative for their learning and academic risks
  • display energy and passion for learning
  • understand and practice the tenets of the Growth Mindset
  • understand their self-worth and responsibilities to the broader community
  • learn to problem-solve creatively
  • learn to self-regulate their bodies, minds, and words
  • empathize and work productively with diverse people
  • build their learning stamina
  • set and achieve goals


The Biome is a school without walls. We create Micro-Schools that utilize existing community assets to support authentic educational experiences for all of our learners. Additionally, our micro-schools extend the number of caring adults dedicated to our learner’s long-term success. Imagine the potential of repurposing communities for the benefit of children.


At The Biome, we aim to help children learn, build healthy habits, and develop positive relationships.  Well-being in our Intermediate Program is founded on these principles as learners are supported in their journey toward perseverance, self-care, self-regulation, and leadership.

Explore Literacy

Explore Mathematics


Each Learner is part of a rigorous academic program with three core subjects.

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • The Big Question: Cross-Curricular Studies (including Science, Social Studies, Literacy, and Math)


Extra Curricular Programs provide Primary Learners with a well-rounded educational experience.

  • Mind and Movement: Physical Health and Mindfulness
  • Adaptive Thinking (art, technology, and engineering)
  • Music


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High-quality academic programming begins with an excellent and caring instructional stall.  Positive and secure relationships between educators, families, and children are central to our learners’ development.  Each Intermediate Program Classroom Leader holds an appropriate certification with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

A Teacher’s Perspective

Our administrators and teaching staff work closely with families to develop a rich picture of each student’s strengths, interests, and potential. Knowing and understanding our students enables us to provide optimum opportunities for individual children and ensures a successful transition to the Middle School.

Lucy Schopp
Lucy SchoppThird Grade Classroom Leader
Katherine Krause
Katherine KrauseThird Grade Classroom Leader
Nikki Barrere
Nikki BarrereFourth Grade Classroom Leader
William Deutch
William DeutchFourth Grade Classroom Leader
Christopher Petty
Christopher PettyFifth Grade Classroom Leader
Renata Candanedo
Renata CandanedoFifth Grade Classroom Leader