Charter public schools are held accountable in many of the same ways traditional public schools are held accountable. As a different public school model, however, there are accountability mechanisms unique to charter public schools.

A charter public school must have a sponsor in order to open and continue operating (in Missouri, sponsors are typically colleges and universities). A Missouri charter school is accountable to its sponsor for specific academic and non-academic outcomes outlined in the school “charter” (or contract). Charter schools are also accountable to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and are subject to the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Charter public schools can be (and have been) closed by their sponsors for failing to meet their contractual obligations. Most significantly, however, charter public schools are accountable to the students and families attending them. If charter public schools are not delivering value to the families enrolling in them, they will close regardless of performance or promises.
Missouri Charter Public School Association