At the Heart of the Biome

The Biome offers a unique academic program focused on the integration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) learning areas. 

STEAM = Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements. The purpose of STEAM education is to strive for “functional literacy – an ability to transfer knowledge with higher-order thinking between disciplines” (Yakman 2012). Science and technology principles are interpreted through engineering and the arts, and all are based in mathematical elements. By integrating learning areas in this way, The Biome helps to develop well-rounded students who are able to think across disciplines to problem-solve and apply learning to real-world scenarios.

Our teaching method centers on building knowledge and skill through meaningful experiences.  Students learn through implementing knowledge directly, such as by creating digital animation and video game designs.

We believe that integrating science, technology, engineering, art and mathematic curricula helps engage our students while providing fun and inspiring new ways to grasp complicated materials.  Art and design have a great presence in our everyday lives and should be represented more prominently in education. An understanding and appreciation for art helps students profoundly when tackling complex problems and lessons.

Design is an integral component of many of the products and technological advances that drive our economy and improve our lives. Creative exploration and experimentation exercises the brain, helping fuel breakthroughs in science, technology, engineering, product development and more.  The Biome’s focus on STEAM education cultivates an atmosphere of imagination, innovation and expressiveness – qualities crucial in the development of 21st century leaders.