Our Curriculum

A Different Kind of Curriculum

We aim to develop learners who are prepared to direct their own learning and impact their environments.  At The Biome, curricula are constructed through a process that is guided by student curiosity, rigorous and relevant, and aligned to state and national learning standards.

“What”, “why”. and “how” are words that we embrace at The Biome.  Curiosity shapes our learning ecosystem and Big Question units sit at the heart that system. Big Questions are our interdisciplinary project units derived from state and national standards but guided by the passions and interests of our students. Our classroom leaders enjoy “uncovering” information related to our Big Questions alongside our learners.  The units facilitate understanding about how topics are interconnected and help our learners understand why skills matter and how to apply them beyond the classroom.  Big Questions tend to be centered around a science or social studies topic, and integrates language arts and math as central tools within learner investigations.

We strive to build strong foundations in literacy. Learning to read and write well for a variety of purposes is essential for success in all areas of study.

Mathematics is another foundational subject around which we provide deep and focused instruction. It offers engaging lessons and continuous feedback to both learners and teachers on progress.

Through our School-Wide Enrichment, Master Class Programs, and Pop-up Micro-Schools, learners undertake a deep exploration into subjects of interest, including art, coding, chess, and game design. Ultimately, we lead our students to develop academic mastery and provide them with the necessary experiences and relationships to succeed as they advance and eventually graduate from The Biome.