The Biome

What is The Biome?

We are a tuition-free charter public school serving learners from kindergarten through fifth grade.  At The Biome School, explore a hands-on, learner-driven education.

Choice, autonomy, and student agency are vital elements of our educational philosophy. We are and always have been an agile and innovative school. The Biome School graduates leave the School with the confidence, requisite academic skills, and rich experiences that they need to form a strong foundation for learning.

The development of core math and literacy skills serves as prerequisites for continuous learning and prepares our learners to apply these skills in progressively challenging and aligned lessons and projects.  Classroom leaders push learners to ask questions about their interests and how their interests relate to the world around them.

Our innovative educational approach aims to facilitate an education based on building learner’s knowledge, skills, and experience.

How do we do this:

  1. Individual focus –
    • We recognize each child as an individual.
    • We employ a competency-based program.
    • We emphasize choice and autonomy.
    • We practice patience and empathy.
    • We set high expectations for staff and children.

What are our expected outcomes:

2.  Students at The Biome will develop their abilities to –

    • set and achieve meaningful goals
    • take the initiative for their learning and academic risks
    • display energy and passion for learning
    • understand and practice the tenets of Growth Mindset
    • understand their self-worth and responsibilities to the larger community
    • learn to problem-solve creatively
    • learn to self-regulate their bodies, minds, and words
    • empathize and work productively with diverse people
    • build their learning stamina