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Solving One Math Problem at a Time

Making a Difference By Solving One Math Problem at a Time

Each year, Tim Houghton, Biome School Board Member, continues to be inspired by The Biome and how it has continued to evolve. Tim explains, “We’re putting roots in the ground, we’re developing a culture – one of respect, where everyone matters. Together we’re striving to achieve as a team. Many people are starting to call it “The Biome Way”.” Tim Houghton became involved with The Biome before the school even opened. Knowing Tim’s rich background and passion for STEAM, board chair, Jim O’Donnell asked Tim to join the school board.


Throughout the last 3 years, Tim has witnessed the immense effort that it takes to open a school. In his role as a board member, he is heavily involved in the administrative and financial functions of The Biome. Removed from the day to day, Tim missed having the opportunity to witness the daily growth taking place each day in the classroom. This desire spurred Tim to begin tutoring third-grade learners every week after school. These lucky third graders look forward to their weekly one-on-one time with Mr. Houghton – who somehow always has a lunch box full of treats to accompany their afternoon of math practice.


For Tim, making an impact can take place at any level – from his role on the board to the impact he can make in the lives of just a few of our third-grade learners. Tim shared, “I’m continually impressed by the students. They’re very observant. They are really quick to size you up. They’re constantly watching and learning. This has shown me that my words really matter and I want to be a good role model for them.”

This isn’t the first time that Tim has offered his time to help young people learn and grow. Throughout his life, Tim has valued the opportunity to mentor young people. Years ago, he began mentoring two young boys all the way from fifth grade to their college graduation. Now, he calls these young men and their families his friends. He hopes he is beginning this journey once again with the third-grade learners he is tutoring.

Prior to becoming involved with The Biome, Tim did not have a deep knowledge about charter schools. Today, Tim firmly believes charter schools are vital in the city. He shared, “Charter schools are important because they give parents choice.” Further, Tim emphasized that charters have greater flexibility to meet the needs of their students and he is seeing this take place at The Biome. Every day, everyone is working together to ensure the success of every student.

It is individuals like Tim who help our school community grow stronger. Every day, our school community grows when an individual says yes I want to be an active part of helping to build our next generation. For Tim, every time he comes to The Biome, he is inspired, because he sees classrooms full of our future scientists and engineers. He is confident that our region’s future STEAM talent will credit The Biome as the place where they first got their start.